How to Become an ECDL Expert

ECDL Excel courses are designed for those who do not have enough skills on spreadsheet applications.   Excel is the most popular spreadsheet program.  It is being used as a valuable data organization tool of companies for their financials, inventories, and sales.  However, not many employees know how to manipulate and tweak certain Excel tools to make it more useful for companies.  That’s the importance of ECDL Excel trainings.  The trainings will provide valuable skills for office workers who must learn the functionalities of Excel.  The trainings therefore can help in their daily computing tasks.

That’s the beauty of ECDL trainings.  Aside from preparing candidates for the actual certification exams, the knowledge learned can be applied at their work places.  That’s the reason why those taking the ECDL certification should also take ECDL Excel trainings. 

Basic Excel tasks can be learned in these trainings.  Creation of tables and formatting it is a must skill because this task will certainly be asked during the exam.  Data sorting and application of common mathematical rules must also be learned because this is also a basic Excel task.  This task is important for creating balance sheets and inventory controls.  These spreadsheets will be updated daily so rules must be created to automate computing tasks.  All these are possible with Excel and these operations will surely arise as a problem during actual ECDL exams.

It is not enough to know basic concepts of Excel.  During ECDL exams, practical tasks will be required so it is important to take formal Excel skills training.

To become an ECDL expert, one needs to pass the entire ECDL advance certification exams.  The advance ECDL is composed of the four core office applications:  word processing, spreadsheets, database, and presentation.  During advance certifications, complex program application skills will be demanded from the examinees.  The good thing about advance ECDL is each module has its own certification.

For example, if a candidate successfully passed the word processing advance module, a certification for that will be issued by the ECDL.  Each module therefore has their own value and candidates can gain ability points for each successful exam.

If all the four modules can be successfully tackled, the ECDL candidate will be eligible for expert status.  An ECDL expert certification will to be issued to the successful candidates.  However, ECDL expert certification is not issued automatically after successful examinations.  The examinee must apply for it at the British Computer Society office.  It will be issued free of charge, but membership to the elite expert club in the BCS has a corresponding fee. 

Expert status means that candidates have extremely advance knowledge and skills on the four core applications of the Advanced ECDL modules.  They can teach advance computer classes and they can serve in higher paying positions in their respective companies.  Investing on ECDL certifications will certainly pay off in the future especially with the career boost associated with it.  So it is advisable for office personnel, educators, and students to start their ECDL certification so that they can still enjoy its benefits while they are still at the prime of their careers.

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