How to Choose the Best BPM Vendors

There are literally thousand of BPM vendors that currently offer different BPM suites, cross-organizational BPM software, and process applications. Some BPM vendors specialize in providing knowledge based products such as professional reading references and books. On the other hand, those that sell services and expertise can also be considered as BPM vendors. Consultancy firms, training centers, and BPM partner organizations will fall in this category. BPM vendors play a critical role in the development of BPM practice. They provide the necessary tools, engines, knowledge, and skills in helping managers and companies cope with the implementation of BPM projects.

In order to find the most reliable BPM vendors, a manager could do two things. First, managers should take advantage of online guides and online reviews of different BPM vendors. There numerous websites that offer unbiased views and reviews of products and services offered by BPM vendors. These website usually belong to a large conglomerate of online resource providers maintained by industry leaders. Managers can be assured that these reviews are accurate and totally free of corporate bias. Other good sources of reviews are publications of business schools and management institutions. These journals are interested in propagating BPM knowledge and best practices and can give scathing critiques to BPM vendors that offer substandard products.

The next thing that a manger can do in choosing the right BPM vendor is to seek the opinion of peers in the industry. The opinions of BPM practitioners can be biased but their bias can be the result of superior service provided by a BPM vendor. Managers can get the opinions of other practitioners through BPM forums, discussion boards, and online business groups.

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