How to Choose the Best CRM Package?

CRM applications deployment is the best solution of companies in boosting their customer support services, sales and marketing.  It is a proven business integration application that can increase corporate productivity, lower the cost for business software investment, and drive forward enterprise efficiency.  It is not easy though to choose the best CRM package.  That’s because the market for CRM is so huge applications developers continue to roll out new business suite packages. 

Companies should be guided therefore by 3 criteria in choosing the best CRM package.  First, company planners should carefully determine if they really need a CRM solution or not.  If the answer to this question is yes, then planners must enumerate their company’s needs and how CRM will answer those needs.

Second, companies should compare different CRM solutions and technologies.  It is best to try several CRM solutions on a pilot basis and choose the best one that matches the needs of the enterprise.  This is possible because most CRM developers and providers allow their customers to evaluate their products.  By comparing different technologies, companies could avoid deployment of unsuitable CRM application.

Finally, it would be best to create a CRM team that will be responsible for finding the best CRM solution.  This team will also be responsible for evaluating a product, getting references, and negotiating with the CRM vendor.  Having a team of CRM professionals will fast track implementation of any CRM project.  However, company planners should also ensure that the CRM team has full backing of top management.  In this way, recommendations of the team would not be taken lightly and any pilot implementation can be carried out efficiently. 


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