How to Clinch a Successful Deal with a Business Intelligence Vendor

There are numerous business intelligence vendors that sometimes it would be very difficult for companies to choose which one gives the best BI applications service.  Companies should take into consideration some very important ways on how to find the best business intelligence vendor and how to deal with them.

Companies can ask several business intelligence vendors to make a bid for their offered services.  It would be prudent to choose the top two bidders and start serious negotiations with them.  During negotiations, ask the business intelligence vendor to show their proof of competence.  This means that a trial run should be done on the company s premises. If this is impossible to do, a company can demand that a BI trial run can be demonstrated on the vendor s own infrastructure.  After knowing the abilities of a business intelligence vendor, companies now can ask for the best deals that a vendor can offer.  Best deals need not necessarily mean gains in monetary terms.  A best deal means the features and added functionalities that a business intelligence vendor can offer.  Another important aspect on clinching the best service from a business intelligence vendor is to create a partnership environment where the vendor commits its service on the intended results of BI implementation.  This means that companies can get sufficient support from the vendor after concluding the sale and initial deployment of BI projects.

To succeed in BI project implementation, companies need to get the best commitment from a business intelligence vendor.  These commitments should be included in the contract agreement in order to ensure full compliance.

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