How to Conduct A Study of Change Management Inventories Questionnaires

When we speak of an inventory, we usually use the term to mean a list of the products and
raw materials which a business has in stock in its warehouses. To conduct an inventory, the
employees of the organization are actually attempting to minimize the impact of the actual
length of manufacture/supply delay on the end-users (being the customers.) Usually,
delivery delay is much shorter than manufacture/supply delay so the business has to be
ready with enough stocks on hand so that customers are not deprived of the products and/or
raw materials that they need. It is important to conduct inventory at a fast enough pace to
prevent inventory from turning into distressed inventory, which are made up of goods and
products which may no longer be sold at normal cost (or sold at all) due to deterioration.

Change management inventory, in turn, means taking stock of what goods and materials are on
hand as the organization undergoes a process of change. To conduct change management
inventories properly, it is necessary to use questionnaires (otherwise known as change
management inventories questionnaires.)

These questionnaires should ask certain important questions whose aim is to improve the
change management inventory process. The questions should aim to discern problems that may
have occurred in the past, are still occurring, or may occur in the future. The questions
should also raise possible answers or solutions to those problems.

Questions in change management inventories questionnaires may be defined as how questions,
what questions, and why questions. All these questions will show the mindset of the people
handling the change management process for the organization.

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