How To Create Personal Web Video Mashups On Omnisio

Mushap technology continues to evolve and keep the interests of its users. With advancing features and benefits, mushap provides users with better, easier, and faster ways of doing usual tasks, (e,g., online searching and researching; creating maps, videos, and more). Omnision is a recent web video mashup service that desires to modifying processes of editing and re-editing online videos.

Specifically, Omnision is a company that attempts to provide various clients with effortless and quick uploading of videos on the web. The process of uploading is as easy as copying and pasting the URL of current online videos. Omnision however, exclusively accepts URLs or videos from Google Video, YouTube, among others.

To edit a submitted video URL, the user is led to a separate web page containing a simple cropping tool enabling accurate selection of desired portion of the video to keep. Merging this clip with another web video can be simply done by clicking the “Add Video” button just below the editor. Herein and forward requires the same process of copying and pasting video URLs.

By clicking the “Publish” button leads the user to a specified web page wherein to enter information or fields (e.g., title, subject, and description) that may be searchable. Once completed and saved, the uploaded video thus currently exists and accessible on Omnisio, which is readily searchable and accessed. The existing video can be shared by copying and pasting embedded or URL links to desired location on the web.

Generally, Omnisio is among the new mashup services that offers easier and faster uploading of videos online. Also, it includes features such as enabling comments posting within uploaded videos. Lastly, there are no other web sites similar with Omnisio, particularly in keeping hosting and maintenance costs involved down.

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