How to Devise an Effective Configuration Management Plan

If you are not new to the Information Technology industry, you probably would have heard of the term configuration management. Configuration management is important for businesses in the IT industry, since it involves a detailed listing of the updates done in the software and hardware components of a computer network and system. Each component added, removed, upgraded or modified creates an impact in the overall operation of the business, especially if you have complex business systems. A change made at any point of the network creates a domino effect to the rest of the system, which is the reason why it is important to devise an effective configuration management plan  be it for the hardware or software application that your network is using. Take a look at the following tips on how to devise an effective configuration management plan.

First, you need to know why devising a configuration management plan is important. This plan will provide a framework or a set of guidelines that can be followed whenever a change or an update is made on a particular networking system. Second, you should know about the following items that should be included in a standard configuration management plan: the scope of the project, documents used as reference, configuration identification, control and management, program phasing, configuration audits and software or hardware-specific configuration management. A configuration management plan will help you gain control and effectively manage all the changes made in your computer network system  beginning from the planning to the implementation stage.

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