How To Do Microsoft Certifications ITIL (For Beginners)

The Microsoft Operations Framework is a guide for those who are interested in how to do Microsoft certifications ITIL®, particularly those who have had no previous exposure to the process. The Microsoft Operations Framework is primarily concerned with using best information practices in IT so that IT operations will be of higher quality and perform more efficiently. The Framework also attempts to delineate team elements and operational processes that are known to work in the world of information technology systems. The Framework derives its legitimacy and credibility from the ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) system that was developed and is owned by the Office of Government Commerce of the United Kingdom. The ITIL® system is further enhanced by Microsoft with input from Microsoft end-users, partners, and operations groups regarding best practices they have observed in the past. Thus, the Microsoft Operations Framework carries out the mandate of ITIL® to adopt and adapt, meaning Microsoft is able to use the ITIL® in unique ways that help users in their respective ways.

The Framework, as can be seen, tries to keep Microsoft IT service management practices aligned with the ITIL®, while permitting new practices to be added to its arsenal. In fact, Microsoft has been able to provide new data for documentation in the ITIL® system because it has been participating actively with the ITIL® community beginning in 1999. At present, there are over 40 books in the ITIL® collection. If you maintain a corporate IT organization, then 10 of those 40 would apply to your circumstances.

It is believed that majority of the service improvement-related methodologies and standards employed by organizations for quality project management can be combined with both the Framework and ITIL®. It is also understood that any organization, regardless of size, may be able to rely on the Framework for guidance in managing and running their IT infrastructure. Your IT organization can begin applying the Framework in one department and eventually branch out into the whole organization to finish the process of implementation. It is also acceptable to integrate the Framework into your organizational processes in increments or slowly  in time; the whole Framework can be adopted for use by the organization.

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