How to Drive Down ECM Cost

Compared to line of business content management applications, the deployment of comprehensive ECM solutions for companies could be quite expensive.  The serving needs and the establishment of several layers of process-centric applications could entail costs that could discourage a company financial officer in approving the new deployments.  

However, not all comprehensive enterprise content management solutions will be expensive.  There are mid-range vendors that can provide affordable technologies for start up or middle level companies.  Companies are advised therefore to carefully study their ECM deployments or the lack of it, in order to determine if the cost of investment would be worth the risk.

Careful study and assessments are the first requisites in driving down the cost of ECM solutions.  Companies should study if an ECM solution would be able to add value to their existing information practices.  They must also determine their capabilities in information technology as most successful practitioners primarily rely on good corporate IT department.  

Next on the agenda is to survey the ECM market.  There are numerous vendors that can provide quality ECM application at an affordable price.  Be very choosy when selecting an ECM vendor.  As much as possible, company tech managers should ask for test deployments to really see the functionalities of the applications.  In this way, the value of the ECM solution would be worth the resources and time invested on it.

It is true that the cost of ECM deployments will require a certain degree of investment from companies.  But this should not deter them in deploying an ECM solution.  That’s because this technology could surely enhance the profitability of the enterprise.  

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