How to Emphasize the WordPress Author Comments

There are times that when a post has so many comments, it makes it so hard for the readers to follow the comments of the author. They need to check on every comment so that they would be able to check the reply of the author. But what if there are 400 comments on a post and your readers would still want to check your insights on these comments? You would not want to tire your readers checking every single comment when they are just after on what you have to say. If you want to increase the readability of your blog, then it is important that you highlight the author’s comment.

Some try to tweak and add a code that would allow checking the email address of the commenter. If the email address matched the author’s address, then it would highlight that comment.  You just have to edit the file comments.php.  

With this, the user ID of the commenter would first be identified. It then either assigns the ID number to registered users or it assigns user ID # 0 for non registered commenter. The author comments are tagged as user ID # 1. Once it has identified the author, it would then apply the settings that you have for the comment of the author.

Usually, the author’s comments are highlighted in different colors or are indented so as to differentiate them from the other comments. This simple way of highlighting the comments, will help you increase readability on your WordPress blog.

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