How to Enable Accelerated VMware 3D

3D gaming and features are now becoming the standard of virtual community. That is why many software companies are now working hard to turn their old 2D versions to newer 3D versions. Add to this advancement the ability of running more than one platform or operating system in a single computer at a time. But of course, one 3D capability of one operating system may be different from the other. And so, 3D acceleration is now becoming a need. If a user is running on more than one operating system, it is needed that he enables and accelerate the VMware 3D.

One can easily enable a specific virtual machine for an accelerated VMware 3D. First, of course, the computer system should have the VMware 3D. There should be the VMware software which will enable one computer system to run or shift from one operating system to another. Now that the computer machine has now virtual machines, the user should select one virtual machine using the Windows 2000 or XP operating system. It is important to disable the Direct3D application on this virtual machine. Next, the user should add the configuration file which has the VMX file extension, for the virtual machine. This will enable the accelerated VMware 3D on the host. The user should also make sure that the accelerated VMware 3D in guest computers is supported while the accelerated 2D should also be enabled for the guest display.

With these simple, short, and easy steps, one can already enable a computer’s accelerated VMware 3D. There are still other choices or options for the user in configuring the VMware 3D. The above steps are the only necessary way to enable the accelerated VMware 3D. 

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