How to Find the Ideal ECDL Test Centres

According to current figures, there are more than 22,000 authorized ECDL test centres around the world.  These are spread over 148 countries that have ECDL licensed test providers.  All these network of ECDL test centres are being supervised and quality assured by the ECDL Foundation.

In order to avoid problems, ECDL certification candidates must first visit the ECDL website to get the list of accredited training providers.  There are also links on the website for any country that has a licensed ECDL test provider.  These licensed providers have vast networks of ECDL test centres. So if the name of the licensed institution is listed on the ECDL Foundation website, then its test centres are also accredited and authorized to provide the exams.

Candidates can look for test centres that are near their workplace or home.  In this way they can avoid the hassle of long distance travel just to go to an accredited test centre.  They can find these centers by using the website search function of licensed test providers.  Different options will be provided so that examinees can properly decide where they will sit their ECDL exams.

Candidates are advised to take the ECDL exams in places that are very near their place of residence.  They should also arrive early at the test center so that they can still take a necessary rest before the actual exams.  There are regulations being implemented in each test center and these should be followed to avoid any complications with the ECDL exams.

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