How to Find the Right Business Process Consultants

There are two general types of business process consultants that companies can find on the market. The first type specializes on the development and use of business processes and the second type specializes on the technological aspect of the business process. Companies should determine their need when looking for the right business process consultant. In this way, the company can really benefit from the expertise provided by the consultant.

Companies that need skills development and capability building in the reorganization and re-engineering of their business processes should hire a development-driven, business process oriented consultant. When companies need to develop their competencies in process management, these types of consultants are the ideal choice. The principal aim of capability development is to understand the different business processes and know the details of process techniques needed for business process reorganization. The consultant can guide managers by designing a strategic map of proposed business development initiatives and the necessary management process required to achieve strategic initiatives.

On the other hand, companies that have a set standard of business process practice but will implement new technologies to systematize and automate the process need a technology oriented business process consultant. These consultants specialize not on the process itself but how to make the process the object of management tools. Companies will benefit from the consultant’s expertise in using software and business applications needed to optimize the business process. This type of business process consultant can help companies adopt technological innovations that are needed to make the business process work.

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