How to Get a Project Management Professional Certification

Almost every organization is in need of a project manager, someone who can efficiently manage a team of individuals who will work together on a particular project. The aim for each project is to meet the quality standards and complete the task within the specified time, without exceeding the cost limitations.  To ensure that a manager or a supervisor is capable of overseeing a project, a lot of companies look for a Project Management Professional or PMP certification as part of a manager’s credentials. This is necessary because in today’s competitive business industry, a leader should be able to produce the desired results with limited funds, resources, time and manpower.

For you to be a Project Management Professional certified individual, you need to have a high school diploma and some years of experience as a project manager. If you already have a baccalaureate degree and you want to be PMP certified, there is a lesser number of hours required when it comes to leading experience. The PMP test consists of 200 items where an examinee should have at least 60.5% correct answers to successfully obtain the certification. There is a also a requirement to finish management certification courses such as "Managing Project Communication", "Estimating and Managing Project Cost", "Project Management Principles and Techniques", as well as other similar subjects. Not only will a PMP certification make you eligible to meet the professional requirements in a business setting, but it will also teach you the value of delivering quality products or services while meeting the time, cost and resource constraints.

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