How to Get the ECDL Certificate

ECDL certificate is granted to those who can successfully pass the entire ECDL examinations.  The certificate is a distinction of computer proficiency that is recognized throughout the world.  Having an ECDL certificate improves the skills of individual computer users and they can enhance these skills for possible promotion or to transfer to a more lucrative job position. 

The ECDL certification is offered by the ECDL Foundation.  It is a global process and there are strict quality standards implemented for it.  The exams are regulated by the Foundation but it is licensed to accredited testing centers.  Professionals can take advantage of trainings offered by these recognized training centers.

The ECDL is a 7 course module.  It covers basic computer theory as well as practical knowledge of several computer applications that are commonly used in the work place.  Candidates for the certification process must pass all the modules in order to get the much coveted ECDL certificate.  

The exam is 45 minutes long for each of the module.  This means the ECDL certification is a long exam which needs proper preparation and training.  Passing mark for each of the module is 75%.

It is a must for ECDL candidates to enroll in the required ECDL programs.  Without it, they cannot take the certification exams.  It is also advisable to take the necessary trainings in order to master the intricacies of several computer applications which will be covered by the exam.  In this way, the candidates for certification can ensure that they can easily pass the exam on one sitting alone.

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