How to Guarantee Adequate PMP Preparation

As with any form of accreditation, adequate PMP Preparation is necessary if the student wants to have
or produce a higher score after taking the PMP accreditation exam itself. The PMP certification is
concerned with setting the appropriate standards for knowledge and skills in Project Management. This
means that anyone who considers himself an expert in Project Management but lacks the technical
knowledge as set by the Project Management Institute would still benefit from adequate PMP
Preparation anyway.

All PMP preparation methodologies (such as self-study training modules, sample exams, and online
training courses) should be able to impart the importance of Project Management, the maturity of
Project Management in the key organization, and the PMP certification process itself.

A person aspiring to become a PMP must be well acquainted with how to apply the principles of Project
Management as stated within the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK.) For that matter,
this PMP accreditation candidate ought to also know what the ten areas of the PMBOK are. The 44
key processes of the discipline of Project Management should also be considered and absorbed by the
student, as well as how they function in conjunction with one another.

It maybe safely said that the PMBOK is a compilation of tried and tested Project Management principles.
Even individuals who are aspiring to become PMP consultants rather than simply PMP personnel should
have a working understanding of what the PMBOK is all about. Since the Project Management Institute
is now the global organization administering Project Management standards, a candidate for PMP would
do well to dwell on the PMBOK and its contents as the best form of PMP Preparation there is.

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