How to Interpret Customer Satisfaction Surveys Correctly

Some sales teams may opt to have customer satisfaction surveys done about a certain project or sales effort that they have recently conducted to be interpreted by a third-party specialist. Though that may work, why not learn to interpret customer satisfaction surveys by yourselves within the affected team? If you keep relying on an outsider to interpret how such surveys talk about you and your performance, one risk is that your team may never learn how to sufficiently understand the content of such surveys to the extent that performance can be adjusted by the team members.

Some common questions customers may be asked regarding the sales team performance are: to what degree where you satisfied with what you bought from us; to what degree where you satisfied with the level of service supplied to you as you made purchases from our sales people; to what degree are you inclined to buy again from the same sales people; and to what degree would you probably recommend other people to buy from these same people and why?

Timeliness is a big factor behind accurate interpretation of customer satisfaction surveys. This is why there are often customer surveys provided with product purchases (such as consumer electronics)  some customers get irritated by these because they fail to see the point behind having to answer questions like these. However, it would be good if the sales people urge these customers to fill out the forms anyway because their perceptions matter to the team. When timely feedback is given, it gives the sales team a chance to make corrections where needed and improve fast. This helps them from missing out on sales opportunities because of some flaw in their approach or system.

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