How To Prepare for a Career as a Computer Network Help Desk Technician

Do you like computers? If yes, to what degree do you like computers – just a little, a lot, or are you the type of person who cannot exist if you are not tinkering with computers? If you answered yes to the last description, then maybe you have what it takes to become a Computer Network Help Desk Technician.

To get started as a Computer Network Help Desk Technician, you need to have at least a diploma in that field. There are many credible and accredited educational institutions from which you can earn that diploma. Once you have that diploma, it is easy to apply for the jobs of computer support technician, call center support technician, or help desk support technician. All these three job titles mean that you will serve as a technical expert in the computer networks which help desks are supposed to help end users with.

While studying for your diploma, you will gain experience and technical knowledge about how to install, troubleshoot and maintain personal computers; management of computer networks; providing desktop support for Microsoft Windows operating environments. Of particular importance in this field is knowing how to deal with the Windows-based applications and operating systems (with emphasis on installation, management and repair.)

You may be wondering why you need a diploma course to become a Computer Network Help Desk Technician, rather than try to work for a BA or BS degree instead (such as BS Computer Science.) The truth behind the matter is that the jobs you will be applying for do not really need the higher level qualifications inherent in BA or BS degrees from colleges and universities. You will be valued more for your technical know-how in computers rather than for having a more comprehensive education. However, if you should desire to upgrade your educational qualifications while working as a Computer Help Desk Technician, it is always possible to apply for distance learning options in the Continuing Education programs of certain institutions.


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