How to Prepare for the CCIE SAN Exam

The CCIE SAN exam track tests the technical abilities of IT professionals in delivering storage networking and applying different transport protocols for this.  The intelligent application of storage networking will allow companies to effectively manage and distribute databases across a wide network.  CCIE SAN capable professionals should be able to configure different network languages to effectively integrate storage systems and facilitate data delivery using secure routers and virtual network transportations.

The CCIE SAN exam track does not require any prior certifications or prerequisites.  However, CCIE examinees must pass a rigid written SAN examination which is formatted as a multi-choice test.  Passing the written examination for CCIE SAN is required in order to pursue actual CCIE SAN lab examinations.  The lab exam is an intensive simulation test that will measure the competence of IT professionals in running and maintaining wide storage networks.  As in most CCIE lab exam tracks, the CCIE SAN track requires that the examinee has sufficient hands-on experience in actual storage networking.

To prepare for the CCIE SAN, the examinee must look for accredited training centers offering simulated storage networking solutions. This is important in order to enhance the skills of networking professionals in managing storage systems and deliveries.  The Cisco Corporation has a list of accredited CCIE training centers.  Examinees can also take advantage of virtual network solutions provided by on-demand CCIE training providers.  These are self-study centers but the trainee will be able to practice on simulated network environments to sharpen their technical skills and proficiencies.

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