How to Qualify for a Six Sigma Certification?

There are a lot of certification programs that are made available for aspiring professionals nowadays. They use such certifications to get hired by a company of their choice and earn more at the same time. Most companies now require applicants to pass certain certification programs to signify their qualification in performing duties and responsibilities as specified by certain job requirements. One of the most in demand certifications nowadays is Six Sigma Certification.

Six Sigma Certification usually ranges from Yellow Belt to Master Black Belt. Before passing the said program, there are certain requirements to be met. The Yellow Belt certification requires a candidate to successfully pass five online exams, while the Green Belt certification requires eight. For the Black Belt certification, a candidate should pass 16 online exams plus he or she must have satisfactorily completed a final Black Belt Project. Candidates must get at least 70% on all online exams across all certifications before obtaining a Six Sigma Certification. 

For the Master Black Belt certification, a candidate should have passed the Black Belt exam with a 90% score or higher. He or she should also submit two additional Black belt projects. The final Black Belt project is a written business plan wherein the candidate should show his exceptional knowledge and skill of the Six Sigma methodologies. It is some sort of a review before getting into an actual project.

As for the cost of the online Six Sigma Certification, this is typically dependent on the certification exam that you will be taking. For US residents, exam cost ranges from US$ 300 up to more than a US$1000. This will take much penny from your pocket but it is definitely worth a try as bigger rewards await those who have passed the exam.

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