How to Survive Any CISSP Boot Camp

The term boot camp originally referred to the primary training station for enlisted naval personnel. It was called boot camp because of the leggings or boots worn by the recruits. However, boot camp has not been limited exclusively to name that facility for enlisted naval recruit training. It is now a generic term referring to any training, personality development or learning camp – so presto! We have CISSP boot camp. A CISSP boot camp is a five-to-six-day training program made available to candidates for taking the CISSP certification exams.

CISSP boot camps normally run a twelve-hour training program taking up five to six days, so you know they require full concentration and dedication from their trainees. Every boot camp would prefer that all their trainees do successfully obtain their certification after undergoing training from their camp.

CISSP boot camps should present a comprehensive and complete review of the entire information system security Common Body of Knowledge. CISSP boot camps give test preparation exams to their students to give the candidate a feel for the actual exams – therefore boosting examinee confidence during the exam period. Mastery of the subject matter is key to passing any exam and it should be acquired while in CISSP boot camp. A competent and experienced instructor who can interact well with his students can enhance the passing percentage of every boot camp trainee population.
After completion of the CISSP boot camp training, the student must now be proficient in handling security threats and has mastery over the 10 essential core domains of the common body of knowledge. The 5-6 day CISSP boot camp is the best way to achieve your goal of passing a CISSP certification exam. You may then find your accreditation will result in an increase in expertise and salary, or even help you gain a better job.

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