How To Understand What IT Management Portfolio Means

Contrary to what many people may think, IT is a very diverse and multidisciplinary field.
Used in layman terms, IT is often just used as a blanket term whenever people are faced with
computer-related problems ranging from simply installing a software program in your home
desktop PC to network problems of large enterprises.

It is diverse because IT has a very varied range of functions such as Research, Development
of both Systems and Architecture covering Software and Hardware, Programming, Analysis
(which may cover Business Analysis, Systems Analysis, and Project Management), and
Maintenance (which may break down into Security, Database Administration, Network
Administration, and Systems Administration). There are also other functions such as Quality
Assurance in development and operations, Audit, Sales and Marketing, and Support (just to
name a few.)

IT is also varied in range in terms of the platform being used which could be Client Server,
Mainframe,Web, and Stand Alone.

We say IT is multidisciplinary because it requires the involvement of several professions
such as Engineers for Computer, Software, Electronics, and Electrical components,
Programmers, Business Analysts, System Analysts, Project Managers, Security Professionals,
Database Administrators, Network Administrators, Quality Assurance, Auditors, and Sales and

As you can see, IT firms must make the right formula in gathering resources then creating a
strategy to accomplish present and future objectives. The right configuration for this is
what we might call an IT management portfolio. Some companies service IT firms by providing
IT management portfolio services and support.

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