How to Uninstall VMware Leftover Registry Entries

VMware users may need to uninstall the program for several reasons.  Sometimes however, uninstalling it could run in some problems especially if it was loaded on a Windows Vista platform.  Regular un-installation should pose no issues but problems usually occur when a VMware virtual machine installation was interrupted and the system crashed thus leaving incomplete registry files on the host.  Users will not be able to install another version of VMware because it will conflict with the previous registry that will be detected by the system.

Because the user will not be able to clear the registry entry on the add / remove program functionality of the PC, it would be best to perform the uninstall on the dos window of the PC. The general steps should follow this sequence:

First, when an installation error was detected by the system on the new VMware version, users should reboot their PC.  After reboot, the Dos window should be opened and perform a query on the command line.  One should type C:temp>VMware-workstation-(version of the VMware).exe /?.  The succeeding line will provide an option for the user to clear the previous VMware installation where the /? in the command line should be replaced by a /c for a command that instructs clearing the previous registry information of the VMware application.

After hitting the enter command, the previous installation of VMware will be automatically purged from the host operating system and the new installation can now be uploaded to the host system.  Reboot the PC after the uninstall procedure and load the new VMware version to install it on the machine.

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