How to Use Open Source Tools for A Project Management Network

Project management is a discipline involving management and organization of resources to create a unique
product or service within defined scope, time and quality and cost constraints. There are companies that
need an open source and economical project management tool to meet their needs. For example, a
company may require a decent calendar system which will work even if users will not use the Outlook and
Exchange functionalities. This can be provided by some content management systems that offer a
calendar system with such features that will work with distributed user groups that do not share an email
platform. One of these content management systems is the Open and Free Project Management Tools
site which provides a list of tools such as Trac, Tutos and dotProject.
The dotProject is a free MySQL/PHP web-application which offers project management functionality,
calendar tools and task tracking system. A MySQL program together with user privileges to create a
database would be required in a straightforward web-based installation. Furthermore, dotProject is
managed, maintained, developed and supported by a volunteer group and its end-users. Tutos (or The
Ultimate Team Organization Software) has more mature documentation and complex installation
functionalities compared to dotProject. It is meant to manage the organizational needs of the user groups
by providing some web-based tools. The web-based tools with screenshot include a calendar for users
and groups, address book manager, bug tracking system, project repository, mailboxes (such as imap or
pop), and time tracking, watchlists, and invoices. Tutos has other features too since it is multilingual and
has a password security system. However, Trac is a wiki-based program which makes it more flexible for
diverse and distributed workgroups. It allows wiki markup when creating links and seamless references
between tasks, bugs, files, changesets and wiki pages, and issuing description and commit messages.

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