How You Can Get Truly Accredited IT Service Management Training

For your IT Service Management Training to be considered accredited, it now has to meet the
global standard for IT service management which is ISO/IEC 20000 (that was created by the
ISO (or International Organization for Standardization) and the IEC (or International
Electrotechnical Commission.) The ISO/IEC 20000 meets the ITIL® process approach meaning
auditors can certify ITIL® compliance as well.

ISO/IEC 20000 acts as a benchmarking high-water mark by which organizations can gauge their
capacity to managed-service delivery, service-level parameter measurement, and performance
assessment. The fact that it can help organizations meet ITIL® compliance standards too is a
bonus in an age when IT companies will have to prove their ITIL® certification in order to
meet demands of customers, assess outsourcing providers, and meet business goals and
objectives of any sort (particularly those set by corporate clients.)

One organization from which an IT Service Management training provider can get its ITIL®
certification is the EXIN. Training providers can rely on the Art of Service program of
EXIN to secure their accreditation. EXIN can provide your IT personnel, on the other hand,
with either the IT Service Management Foundation Certificate, the IT Service Management
Practitioner’s Certificate, and the IT Service Management Manager’s Certificate. EXIN gets
its authority to provide certification globally for ITIL® training from the OGC, which is
the UK agency that owns and controls ITIL® right now.

So when scouting around for a training provider, make sure it is accredited first by EXIN
so that your own people get the right certification themselves.

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