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By now, we re starting to get a good understanding of exactly what is required form our carrier pigeon service.  Today, we will finish designing our service, as applied to the remaining service design processes;


Availability Management – The CEO has made it quite clear that he requires the Carrier pigeons to be available 24/7… now, as we all know, and I have said before, even pigeons need to sleep… – so, we have 2 options here to ensure availability – 1- negotiate a greater down time, to allow for pigeon naps, or 2 – develop redundant pigeons to sit and wait- kind of like shift work for pigeons.  Remember, Availability Mgt only deals with the infrastructure and tweaking to meet availability targets, so asking users to let their pigeons rest is not an option (tho I am sure the RSPCA might have an issue). Under this process we are introduced to terms Uptime and downtime – I wonder if this directly correlates to flight vs rest time??? 


Capacity Management – this would have to be where we can use demand mgt strategies to influence user behaviour to maybe give those birds a rest…. To ensure capacity, we could model expected messages 1 pigeon could safely deliver in a certain period of time, or tweak how much feed we give them to calculate the most efficient feed vs flight rate (perhaps this could be considered application sizing…tho we need to be careful not to over feed – that would be oversizing! (sorry – couldn’t resist the pun)


ITSCM – Disaster… what happens if…

  • Your bird dies
  • It gets lost
  • It gets bird lice
  • It lays an egg…

All scenarios would need to be considered when designing for ITSCM, and ensuring that the business has determined risk levels, BCP (business critical pigeons) and as well as recovery options (spare pigeons, alternative pigeon recovery coups)


Information Security Management – this would have to be the hardest process to design for… how can you ensure the confidentiality of the messages attached to the bird’s legs? What happens of the pigeons get a virus – heaven help us if they get bird flu… that would be a disaster (oops wrong process).  Some suggestions could include thumb security scrolls, security guards to escort the birds for really important messages.


So – Service has been designed to ensure the service can be provided.  Next we will look at transitioning these birds into the live environment..


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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