Icecast Metadata History and Other Icecast Features

Metadata is said to be used universally on anything, especially on digital applications like Icecast. In fact, there is a feature called as metadata history in Icecast. This feature is simply used to store up information about the metadata changes. This is very important for the user since it keep tracks of the played song in Icecast in order for the user to update the activity of his player.

The metadata in Icecast usually has an update everytime the song is changes. And so, the Icecast metadata provides a history of songs played so that the user can retrieve the information anytime. Although there are some who criticize this feature since some claimed that this is not a very reliable feature. The metadata can update everytime which makes the song history change everytime the metadata updates. The user is also allowed to save the metadata changes which can be stored up and retrieved and be viewed using a browser.

Some Icecast users reported faulty functioning of the metadata. Some say that it did not work as it supposed to do. For that reason, Icecast has released a newer version called the Icecast 2.3.2 which may send metadata to the user in Latin but this can still be configured to use other characters instead. Through this, Icecast expects to satisfy more customers.

Aside from the improved Icecast metadata, the software application also has developed its authentication methods, updating process of the listening socket, better XSL update, and ability to update how the stream directory is handled. Icecaps also did several cleanups, better documentation upgrades, automatic generation of playlist, and the shutdown and relay startup became cleaner.

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