ICT ECDL: How IT Skills Help Candidates Grasp ECDL Modules

ECDL is basically a test of ICT skills.  The European Computer Driving License is a computer skills test for measuring the proficiency of individual end-users in operating different applications.  ECDL also test the ability of users to utilize modern communication using the Internet.  So, information and communication technologies are critical aspects of ECDL.

The UK version of ECDL, which is administered by the British Computer Society, has a special unit called ECDL Unit E.  This is known as the eight module of ECDL and it specifically tackles issues and concerns of current ICT use.  Although Unit E is only applicable in UK, it just shows that users need to have enough ICT skills in order to appreciate the entire ECDL program.

ICT skills is also needed so that those who wish to get ECDL certification can have an easy time overcoming certain test modules.  Specifically, the seventh module of ECDL or the Information and Communication section touches on the basic operations that are involved in using the Internet.  These are foundation knowledge of the entire ICT skills which may involve some complicated information technology tasks. 

Module 7 of the ECDL also familiarizes the user on the basic use of email technology which is also a basic ICT skill.  Utilizing modern communication processes such as email technologies are the skills needed to understand complex Internet communication protocols. 

Basic ICT skills and knowledge is essential so that ECDL candidates can easily overcome the certification exams.  These skills however can be learned through trainings which is part of the ECDL program.

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