If you don’t have a relationship, can you provide quality service?

I recently had a conversation with a SLM about the quality of the relationship they had with the business.  Levels of frustration were being shared about how the understanding of “each other” (ie business and IT”) was at best strained. 


This got me thinking… what do you do as a SLM when you experience this?  The very nature of the role requires close relationships with the business and having a good… no… excellent understanding of your customer’s needs. 


Ok –so, assuming that you do have an excellent understanding of your customer, but they just don’t seem to “understand” you. What then?


This as discussions has shown, is the greatest hurdle that SLM’s have to overcome.

How? – My advice is to start small.. The worst thing that you can do is promise the world and deliver an asteroid….


Aim for small, quick wins.  If you can work with 1 service and the service owner, along with relevant process owners to proactively improve that service and reduce costs (business immediately smiles), then it can only help.  (obvious I know as this is what ITSM is about, but…)


SLM is not about “Selfish Level Management”, it’s about SERVICE.


I haven’t even begun to discuss the relationship with the IT Department…

Next time…


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service


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