Impact of Change Management to Small or Large Firms

Where change management is taking place, large or small
firms experience a degree of impact on the change
undertaken.  They may be variations as how the impact
is felt but just as it is, change needs to take place
towards better results in the future.

The larger the firm the area of change management
responsibility is experienced.  One of the reasons
why change management takes place in an organization
is to improve the quality of service thus reducing cost
and yield higher revenue. 

Large firms do have greater resources than small firms. 
As change management takes place, large firms do have
advantage over small firms in terms of continuity of
change management plans and strategies, support from
executives and the task of delineating functions among
affected groups within the change management.

In terms of saving time and money, the size of the firm
varies as to the amount of time and cost that would be
incurred.  This also goes to speak as well for handling
people’s reactions towards change.  People’s reaction to
change management may entail setting up of strategies for
members in the organization to appreciate and understand. 
It easier to deal people belonging to small firms than in
large firms, as people belonging to the large firm industry
have the tendency of creating groups that most often than
not draw against management plan.  In small firms, a one
on one talk may be done to explain to its members. 

Change Management in large firms and small firms exists
and has to be carried out as planned.  There might be
differences as to the impact of change due to size, but
it still remains that change management is a move towards
improvement and success.

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