Implementing A Network Disaster Recovery

Network Disaster Recovery includes a sequence of actions that are planned and
implemented in times of adversity, calamity and emergency. These disasters are could be
a direct outcome of major damages made by computer viruses, hacker attacks, power
outages, cable failures or they could also be brought about by natural calamities like
hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and others, while some others are caused by simply
having inaccurate systems management, network failures and improper maintenance.

There are several companies that have Network Disaster Recovery team to help them
recover service network data in areas hit by disasters. Most of telecommunications
companies have this kind of recovery preparation to quickly respond to disasters both
natural and man-made. Businesses and government agencies are just some of the
industries that need disaster network recovery system. In cases of crisis, it is important to
manage emergency measures to prevent further damage to the company. In areas of
disaster it is essential to have a stable network communication system to have an easy
access around the affected area.

Network Disaster Recovery plan makes it less difficult to restore and repair
communications service. Automated tools play a great part in the success of these
recovery plans. In recoveries, they usually use applications such as Real Time Network
Routing and Fast Automatic Restoration. Advanced technology is needed to aid the
Network Disaster Recovery team.

Disaster hits unexpectedly and getting the network up and running is most critical during
these situations. Without the recovery strategies it is impossible to assist in emergency
procedures or in a business standpoint, continue doing business.  That is why it is very
important to implement a network disaster recovery plan in every business organization.


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