Implementing IP Network Management

Globalization is the main objective of most companies today.  Every company has their
own IP network management solution.  The challenge facing many companies right now
is how to handle the integration of different networks from different platforms and
operating systems.  IP network management tries to find a solution on how to integrate
and manage different IP networks from different vendors without disrupting normal
business operations.

With companies going global, the demand for more IP network management services
continues to grow.  The integration of different IP network management services poses
challenge to many service providers.  Many companies nowadays are going virtual with
their services and this is where IP network management plays a key role.  Services like
voice over IP (VoIP), virtual private network (VPN), and other IP enabled service are
now in great demand because it boosts productivity while at the same time saving the
company much-needed dollars.

The only way for these services to be successful is to implement a good IP network
management service.  Failing to implement a good IP network management service will
result in unnecessary downtimes and system shutdowns and sometimes even data loss. 
The proper planning, provisioning, configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting of IP
network management is the key to profitability and success in this highly competitive
business.  A good IP network management service not only enables the technology and
makes it available for the business, it also manages and controls the whole service
lifecycle in order to meet their different needs of the business, its customers, and other

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