Implementing the IT Balanced Scorecard,An Example of a Balanced Scorecard Reference

A lot has been said and written about the balanced scorecard since Kaplan and Norton published their book entitled The Balanced Scorecard in 1996. Many got interested to its concept and one of them is Jessica Keyes, who authored a book entitled Implementing the IT Balanced Scorecard: Aligning IT with Corporate Strategy in 2005.

This book tackles the importance of aligning IT plans with business objectives and establishing measures to effectively determine and evaluate certain strategies that will eventually yield balanced results to the organization, the stakeholders and customers. It also emphasizes the benefits of directing employees efforts toward company goals by establishing open communication channels. In short, this book lays the foundation for implementing the balanced scorecard approach to any IT related business and successfully integrate strategic plans to further enhance performance throughout the organization.

If ever you are interested to know more about the balanced scorecard concept and apply a different approach to measure success in your organization, then this book is all you need. Aside from thoroughly explaining the principles behind the balanced scorecard, this book also presents current research of critical issues, examples, and case histories that will you help you understand better how balanced scorecard can change the way an organization do performance measurement, metrics selection, people management and continuous process improvement. It also gives a brief preview of the different tools that you can use as well as different techniques that were proven effective in laying the groundwork of balanced scorecard in your organization. Indeed, the book Implementing the IT Balanced Scorecard is a must read for IT leaders to attain a more robust approach in doing business.

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