Importance of Cleaning Your Metadata

Metadata is data about data.  It describes an individual datum, or content item, or a collection of data including multiple content items. It is used to document data products.

Metadata is good if managed and controlled properly.  It also requires maintenance.  In today’s world where we exchange electronic documents back and forth, it is essential that you should clean up unnecessary and extraneous data.  As an example is when you borrow a contract or model that is brief as a Word document.  Most often, you simply modify the contract to fit your needs, but have you bothered to check the information about the document.  It might be that the original author is still embedded in the document and even deleted text could still be present within the document.

Word documents contain lots of information about you, your organization, document history and editing history.  This information is called metadata. An email document sent to someone could reveal information, which is more than what you want others to know about you.  There are cleanup softwares available to protect your company from revealing information beyond what you intends to provide.  Making private information available to third parties may place your company at a financial risk and/or at an embarrassing situation.

Metadata cleaner erases your personal and secret document files permanently on your hard disk or removable media.  It sanitizes your hard disk permanently erasing internet activities like cookies, e-mail, news, history, chat messengers, temporary internet files etc. Meta data cleaner application supports all external storage media such as USB drive, multimedia card, SD card, thumb drive, removable drive, smart media, memory card, compact multimedia card etc.

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