Importance of Documenting under ISO 9000

The ISO 9000 are set of standards widely accepted as a means of measuring and assessing the quality performance of an organization. If your company seeks to become an ISO 9000 registered you need to qualify for the requirements. It takes a lot of effort to become one but it pays off in the end for the benefits that it brings the company being an ISO registered.

The key to ISO 9000 is documenting if procedures or processes are followed based on standards. Quality performance needs to be documented thus enabling people at work to have a clear understanding of the policy and at the same time know what they are suppose to be doing. Anything that is not within the standard is something to be addressed. The job descriptions and job instructions are the foundation of quality system and they should be clear, concise and well understood by workers. Your companys quality system needs to be monitored and controlled. Monitoring and controlling are done through documentation. These documentations are used when the company is ready for audit. After the audit evaluation, it will be the time that a company is determined if registration to ISO 9000 would be granted.

It should be remembered that the ISO 9000 document is all about what your company does and not about having the ISO 9000 standard fit your company nor what the ISO auditor will think about your company.

The ISO 9000 document should be readily available anytime to those in need, be the document a current issue or an obsolete material has been removed from the system. All processes and procedures are documented to enable assessment of the companys compliant to ISO 9000.

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