Importance of Installing VMware

Installing VMware to Windows, Linux, Netware, and FreeBSD operating systems is easy. The installers are contained at the ISO image files. Without VMware tools, running the guest operating system with VMware is more intricate. Also, mouse synchronization which is a valuable operation becomes more painful.

The VMware tools are worth a 6-Megabyte application which is installed directly to guest operating system. Both the VMware and the host operating system are no longer needed in the installation process.

The fastest way to determine that VMware is not yet installed is when the mouse gets caught inside VM when it is clicked on screen. To unstuck the mouse, press the Alt and Ctrl keys and it will be released.

It must be noted however, that installing VMware in the guest operating system is different for every Linux operating system. Compared to Windows OS, installing VMware to Linux is more complicated.

Installing VMware to the guest operating system is important. The VMware tools help the workstation support the graphic performances faster. The complete package of VMware also provides support needed for operations such as sharing folders, dragging and dropping operations.

Moreover, installing VMware to Windows guest operating system helps improve the performance and compatibility of video graphics. Another important benefit of installing VMware is that it eases up mouse synchronization with host operating system. This means that the mouse does not have to be released from guest in order to go back to host OS. Installing VMware also helps improve the network performance and compatibility. It also allows copy and paste commands between host and guest operating systems.

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