Important Aspects of Information System Development Plan

Information system development is a change process.  It involves the utilization of necessary IT tools and harnessing proven techniques to effect change in the business process.  Because the information system is the engine that drives the business processes forwards, any development on it will naturally result to the improvement of the entire business processes and organization. 

In effecting change to the information system, a company needs to use a set of proven tools that will serve as the principal agent for change.  These tools include both tangible and intangible assets and resources.  In other words, the main components that should compose the tools for information system change are people and their skills, learned knowledge, hardware and their software.  Part of these tools includes the internal resources of the company in sustaining the development process and effective leadership that will dictate the tempo of development.

When the necessary tools are in place, it is now up to the company planners what technique they should use.  In a way, techniques could mean the entire design for development which connotes a strategic outlook on how to implement and deploy IT systems upgrades.

Once the tools and techniques have been defined and the tasks assigned, the information system development process can proceed smoothly.  It can now cover the entire business as well as socio-economic perspective so that the development will conform to the current needs of the company.  In ensuring that these factors are in place, the information system development initiative will surely result to successful conclusion.

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