Improve Project Implementation through Prince2 Questionnaires and Documents

Do you want to make sure that everything is in order and are aligned to the different Prince2 project management processes and principles? Then you may want to come up with an implementation questionnaire and other documents that you can look on once in a while to determine if there are settings that need to be adjusted or changed whenever necessary within the course of project implementation. Here are some of these documents:

(a) Acceptance Criteria. This is a document that can be written in a form of a questionnaire to determine the acceptability of a final product to its intended users (either customers or staff) against defined measurable terms. The results can then be accepted to improve or enhance the product being made. (b) Configuration Item Record. This is used to check the status of every item produced, if indeed it meets the standards of the company. Every piece of information that is written on this document will be used to make reference to product breakdown structure, change control, quality log and other relevant work packages. (c) Issue Log. This is where every issue experienced is documented. It can be in a form of a question, a concern or a request that needs to be brought to the attention of project developers. These issues should then be answered to determine the best course of action at any given time. If not yet answered, one can create a follow-up until the item is cleared. (d) Lessons Learned Log. This is used to record any lesson learned, either good or bad, which can be used and applied on the next project. Usage of new tools and products can also be recorded in here for future reference.


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