Improving Site Design using Free Drupal Templates

Drupal is an open source content management system using PHP as its chief programming language.  As an open source framework, Drupal can be customized by its users according to their preferences.  That’s because the source codes of an open source system is available to its users.

The Drupal framework makes website creation and publishing simple and very easy.  However, the default design of a Drupal website comes in standard light blue and looks like a typical blog.  Some users like the default design of a Drupal site for being very eye-friendly and highly functional.  Others however want a more customized and unique look for their site.  This is to reflect the content being provided on the Drupal site.

Customized themes can be created using free Drupal templates.  These templates will change the color scheme, layout, graphics design, and functionalities of the Drupal site.  Themes can be very informal and individualistic for personal websites created on Drupal.  They can also be very formal and business-like for corporate sites and other business websites.

Free Drupal templates can be downloaded easily.  They are also open source and allow users to perform their own customization.  A simple search on the Internet would yield hundreds of Drupal websites offering free templates.  And because the templates are very professional looking and have clean source codes, there is really no need to buy a commercially available Drupal template.  

Free Drupal templates can significantly enhance the look and features of a Drupal website.  Without spending anything, administrators can customize their site to improve its performance.

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