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Customer service is providing assistance and solutions to problems addressed by customers.  Customer service is the key to a business success.  It can be also a downfall to the business if an unsatisfied customer experienced a bad service from the company.  A satisfied customer would spread the good things about the company’s product or service to 5 or more people but an unsatisfied customer will not stop spreading the bad things until he or she totally maligns the company.

Companies should be very careful of handling customers of these kinds.  Thus, it is important that people within the customer service center is managed with a well trained customer service manager.  Customer service is not just saying "hello", it is providing attention to details that makes up a good customer service.  A customer service manager should have a full grasp of what is happening and must be able to handle situations in a calm and professional manner. Customer Service Manager should also be concerned not only of its customers but his or her crew as well.  It should be remembered that the service crew are the front liners to customers.  If the co-workers are unhappy it is possible that their interactions with customers will be affected. Customer Service manager must be able to provide trainings to its customer service personnel to ensure a customer friendly environment. 

A good customer service depends on how a good customer service manager handles its personnel and customers uncontrollable behavior.  Customer is always right, and a good customer service manager should be able to handle the job by treating every customer with respect, professionalism and courtesy.


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