Information about Google Search Company

Google is a search company based in the United States. It earns revenues through advertising, which is related to Internet searches, social networking, video sharing and others. The Google office is located in Mountain View, California and has approximately 20 thousand employees as of September 2008.  Google is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both of which are PhD students at Stanford University.

History of Google Search Company

Google initially started as a research project for Larry Page and was later joined by Sergey Brin. They made a hypothesis that a search engine would be able to make analysis on the relationships between sites and eventually give better ranking results in accordance with the number of times it was searched.
Google Products and Services

There are various products and services that Google has created for the public and enterprises. In addition to these, Google has also earned from the following:

1. Advertising – It is claimed that 99% of Google’s current revenue is derived from advertising programs. In 2006, it was reported that Google earned 10.4 Billion dollars in revenues vis-à-vis a measly 112 Million dollars in licensing. It has become very effective with its DoubleClick technology and Google Analytics.

2. Software – Google is also a popular search engine service and is considered to be the most used search engine with a 53.6 market share. Google has indexed billions of web pages using keywords and operators.

Later, Google also launched it own email service called Gmail, which specifically offers a spam-filtering technology and the ability to use Google technology to search emails.
There are other products and services that have been quite popular and effective. The future holds a lot of possibilities in terms of what Google might be thinking of doing next.

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