Information About Web 2.0 Calendar

In general, Web 2.0 refers to the changing trends in the utilization of World Wide Web technology. It also refers to the web designs that can enhance creativity, information sharing, collaboration and functionality in the web.
But what is Web 2.0 calendar?

Web 2.0 calendar are web applications that make creation of calendar easier. This is for people who have so many appointments and social commitments. They need a convenient way to remember their schedules and to enable them to share these schedules efficiently. There are many existing web 2.0 calendar applications.

1.There are web 2.0 calendar that keeps track of “Things to Do” list, events, schedules and birthdays. A user can choose from so many applications. There are those that specifically provide a quiet interface that enhances a user’s experience.

2. There are also applications that send invitations, add repeating events and receive alerts. There are those that can be accessed through mobile phones, can be added to a MySpace page, can be posted to a blog and can be emailed to friends.

3. A user can also choose an application that has easy color-coding events which makes them easier to categorize and find.

4. A user can also create an online calendar that implements drag & drop technology, sends AIUM or SMS reminders and RSS feeds.

These web 2.0 calendar applications are all available online. There are those that are offered for free. There are also others that can be bought as a software package, a hosted solution or as virtual equipment.

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