Information and Knowledge Management: Both are Different Management Styles

This is a subject best discussed in long-winded Articles because of its literature that are sometimes seen as very much like the splitting of hairs’. The difference between Information and Knowledge Management is so diverse yet hard to distinguish makes it a very hard case to point, which is why many articles written about the two have been long and with frequent examples given. It is known that Information Management has long since been in existence, while Knowledge Management is a new one though more famous and widely used than the latter, the differences between the two are still confusing.

Though, one significant factor that sets the two from one another is that Information Management is utilized well by the Government, while Knowledge Management is mainly for private Businesses use. To add confusion as well is the relatively same meaning of the terms, but in the context of use and reality they remain to be dissimilar in scope. One could even say that Knowledge Management is a more improved version of Information Management. The two are even dissimilar in its approaches as to the dissemination of the Information to the necessary people. With this being the case, it should be also taken as a fact that their dimensions are also relatively distinct from one another.

The Government, for two decades now has solely used Information Management, and this is something that was developed by the governmental agencies themselves in the face of looming change in the United States Government statute in terms of doing Business. These are therefore indications that Information Management is best left to the Government’s utilization, which ultimately leaves Knowledge Management to private Businesses.

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