Information Systems and Management – MIS’ Identical Twin

Checking on an online dictionary or wiki once in a while is helpful in understanding better the different terms associated with Information Technology. At times it may appear that two terms have the same meaning, and yet otherwise in reality. Say for example “network” engineer” against “systems administrator”. At first, it may seem that these 2 jobs perform the same function, but then, both offer different job responsibilities. On the other hand, some terms are linked to each other while some are even identical. Take the case of “management information systems” or “MIS”.

MIS is the discipline that encompasses everything that involves information systems (e.g. people, procedures, technologies) to solve business issues. It is the most commonly used term as opposed to “information systems and management”. These two have the same meaning but the other one is seldom being used. To be acquainted with such terms, it would be best to check on online resources as this will be helpful in carrying out day to day work load.

Information system is yet another term identified with MIS and Information Systems Management. But then again, an information system may not always be intended for decision making. It can also be used in other areas such as geography, sociology, telecommunications and computer security. Unlike MIS, it has something to do with business decision making process, data resources, decision support systems, project management, and hardware resources among other applications. The department that usually handles such issues is often called MIS department, but not Information Systems and Management Department. It appears that fairness is also an issue with a lot of computer and IT terms.

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