Information Systems Failure: How IT Professionals Respond to System Failures?

As with other management systems, information systems are beset with so many failures and system crashes.  Information system management is a human endeavor.  It needs human intervention in order to work.  This intervention is sometimes also the cause of so many systems failure. 

IT professionals should expect the occurrence of information systems failure. This knowledge will enable them to adapt to the constant problems that are facing every information system infrastructure.  They can develop their problem solving skills if they will approach it with a positive view. 

That is why there are information systems failure analysis methodologies that have been developed by IT experts and academics.  These methodologies have many variations but it all boils down to solving the problems facing the IT environment.

Failure analysis methodologies are specifically designed to determine the root causes system failures.  It takes a deeper look on why the system has not conformed to the system requirements.  It seeks to analyze if the problem is systemic based or if it is brought about by inadequacy of the system requirements.  It also takes a look at the human factor of error.  It investigates the extent of intervention done on the system. 

With this comprehensive approach, IT managers and trouble shooters will be able to accurately pinpoint the source of failure.  By identifying the problem, appropriate solutions can be prescribed in order to reverse the failure and bring back the information systems on the right track.  Information systems failure analysis is now a distinct field of IT and many papers have been written to establish general standards in addressing IT systems failure.


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