Information Systems Group: Key to MIS and the Company’s Success

Information is power. But it has to be available always and specifically when demanded.  Businesses know this, that’s why they make efforts to install and organize their companies in such a way that information reaches those who need them in time for decision making. That is why management information systems are utilized in many companies.

Most companies now have computerized systems but instead of just using their systems for after fact reports, they use it to make reports usable for deciding what to do in the present and in the future. Part of MIS is generating the routine reports and making reports available when necessary. It also simulates certain situations that the company sees possible to happen. By doing so, the company can be more prepared than its competitors in the market. This helps them gain competitive advantage over them and help them gain market share as well.

All of these are possible if the information systems group of the company does their job well. At the beginning, it would be up to the information systems group to analyze the current systems and design the information systems in a way that would help managers make appropriate decisions. They must make sure that the people, the technologies and the procedures in the company are well-integrated together so as to have information delivered efficiently throughout. Only then can managers and executives make sound decisions. It’s also as important to have information be available when it is needed or as the need arises. Because when the company is able to act quickly to grab opportunities or to adjust to certain issues faster than competitors that’s when they gain competitive advantage and they become more successful.

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