Information Systems Research: Providing New Ideas for Companies

There are many published information systems research that can be used by managers to guide them in effectively creating an excellent IT environment for their companies.  Some research has been commissioned by other companies.  Commissioned research for information systems is resorted to by companies so that they can get an unbiased view of information they have to know.   They get the benefit of a scientific study which they could apply on their business needs. 

There are also independent information systems researches which can be utilized by companies for their own IT needs.  The findings and general recommendation that can be found on independent research can be very valuable for some companies.  It can guide their approaches and methodologies in managing their information system departments.  Projects can also be guided by research.  Normally, the theoretical basis of a project comes from established research that has been reviewed and proven correct by scientific and academic societies.

Companies can also conduct their own research and development initiatives.  The information systems department can undertake applications development studies or systems information development. They can easily test it on their systems to determine if their study will work on concrete situations.  This is applicable if a company has enough resources and personnel that can conduct a competent research and development project. 

However, because of the prohibitive costs associated with research and the time requirement to get accurate results and findings, companies normally outsource this task.  They can hire an independent research institution and the results could only be utilized by the contracting company.

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