Ingredients for Success in Prince2 Project Management Methodology

The Prince2 Project Management Methodology is made up of eight processes that all work together to come up with a really great result. From the planning of the project to the actual closing, these processes have definitive roles to play. These processes are, in their own ways, easy to manage and have a cleat path that one can follow so as not to lose light on the project itself. What makes Prince2 a success also lies in its business justification. Prince2 constantly strives to link project progress to the actual reason that the organization holds for providing support for the project itself. One can see the mandatory checks when one is just starting out in the business case in order to arrive at the point of declaring that such an endeavor is truly worth it. Its planning approach begins with the products itself, and works from there by collating it with the time and cost that are needed in order to complete the products. Such a technique zeros in on the goals of the project and keeps the customer in mind throughout its production.

In addition to this, Prince2 runs management by exception. It works on all levels of the entire project but has additional tools especially made for senior management, who are in a position to assume a leadership role and make wise decisions for the project team. All in all, Prince2 project management method has a stable structure that can be relied on for any type of project that one wishes to pursue.

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