Inside Sales and Telephone Sales in a Call Center

A team for field sales usually focuses on closing their deals and fails to give the right attention to other important areas of the process of selling like the inquiries and concerns of the other customers. The purpose of having an inside sales team is to avoid losing some business opportunities since the whole sales process is skillfully administered from the start up to the end. Staffing in inside sales involve different issues like recruiting, screening, hiring, coaching, replacing staff, managing, and more. Inside sales and marketing support is made to deliver the function of other marketing departments that includes lead generation, field sales appointment setting, profiling of the company, follow up calls, emailing of all the marketing collaterals, doing the weekly reports, and real time tracking and reporting.

Telephone sales representative in a call center makes and receives the calls on behalf of the client. They perform according to all the quality assurance standards that are established within the guidelines of the company and the client. He/she is expected to meet if not exceed the goals that are predetermined, participate actively in all the trainings. They must have excellent communication skills to be able to interact with all the different kinds of clients that they might encounter. English language is very much preferred by almost all companies that look for telephone sales agents. They must have positive techniques in phrasing for customer response giving the right answer for particular questions of the customers in a pleasant and friendly way.

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