Installing a Network Management Console

Network management refers to a set of tools, processes and procedures that manage
computer networks.  There are several software and hardware products that help in the
management of networks by administrators and network managers.  Both of these
software and hardware products provide security, performance, and reliability of the
network.  A network management console is needed so that console interfacing can be
established in a network.  Network management con sole uses both the in band
management and the out of band management of the network.

The network management console is a hardware component of the network. With
network management console, simple network management protocol (SNMP) and Telnet
sessions can be done from a network management system on the network.  With out of
band management, the use of a direct console connection to create a console session for
configuration and monitoring is also easy with network management console. 

It is very important that the network management console is properly configured so that
communication problems like garbled communication or dropping characters is avoided
or minimized.  An example of a communication problem is no communication.  A simple
way of solving this would be to check the physical connections the cables and plugs. 
And network administrator may also need a null modem cable or adapter to check the
handshaking configuration of both the terminal configuration and the network
management console itself.

A network management console has its own diagnostics and self-test displays that help
the administrator in making sure that the network management console is working
properly and that any error report of the system will be properly handled in the most
efficient way.

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